UA Midi Control



* On Windows, .NET Framework 4.7.2 is required

Allows you to control the UAD Apollo Console software via Midi.

FREE license includes:

  • Control Inputs: Volume, Mute, Solo, Pan, Sends, Record, Stereo
  • Control Preamps: Input Type, Gain, 48V, Low Cut, Phase, Pad
  • Control Sends: Gain, Mute, Pan
  • Supported Midi Messages: CC, Note, Pitch Bend, Program Change
  • Change the button type (Fader/Knob, Momentary, Toggle, VPot, Relative)
  • Edit the range (Min/Max)
  • Mapping is linked to the midi device by default, global mappings can also be used
  • Accesibility via VoiceOver

MIDI license includes everything from the FREE license, plus:

  • Control Inserts & Unison: Toggle Window, All Effect Parameters & Presets
  • Control Aux: Volume, Mute, Mono, Pre/Post, Inserts, Chanel Strip, Sends
  • Control Outputs (MONITOR, CUE): Volume, Mute, Mono, Dim, Alt, Source
  • Control Channel Strips: Toggle Window, All Presets
  • Control Talkback
  • Synchronized Fader and LED feedback on your midi device with adjustable color
  • Save and load app Presets with custom mappings
  • Midi Map app Presets via Midi (a.k.a Midi Banks/Pages)
  • Midi Map Console Sessions and link them to app Presets

MACKIE license includes:

  • Use the MCU protocol to automatically map and fully control Console
  • DAW Mode for fast switching between Console and your DAW on the same controller using Mackie Mode. More details here .


  • Mac OS El Capitan (10.11) -> Mac OS Sonoma (14.x)
  • Windows 10 & .NET Framework 4.7.2 (minimum)
  • Compatible with Console v11

Device Compatibility:

  • Any Midi controller or Midi App for Midi Mode
  • Mackie Control (MCU) control surfaces or Mackie Apps for Mackie Mode

Trial :

  • 14 Days (both Midi and Mackie)
  • The App will automatically switch to Free mode after trial ends

Licensing :

  • FREE license: Free
  • MIDI license: 69€ Buy
  • MACKIE license: 69€ Buy
  • 1 activation per license
  • A license can be transferred to another computer via Settings -> License -> Deactivate all licenses

Bulk discounts :

  • MIDI + MACKIE license: 99€ Buy
  • 2 x MIDI licenses: 99€ Buy
  • 2 x MACKIE licenses: 99€ Buy
  • Extra license for existing users: 49€ (Available for an already licensed App in Preferences -> License)
  • Other discounts: Contact me for offers.