UA Midi Control

UA Midi Control allows you to control the Apollo Console software via Midi.

Features in the FREE version:

  • Control Inputs: Volume, Mute, Pan, Solo, Sends, UAD REC
  • Control Preamps: Gain, 48V, Low Cut, Phase, Pad
  • Control Sends: Gain, Mute, Pan
  • Select the button type on your device (Knob, Momentary, Toggle)
  • Edit the range (Min/Max)
  • Mapping is linked to specific midi device

Extra features in the FULL version:

  • Control Inserts & Unison: Power, all Effect Parameters, all Effect Presets
  • Control Aux: Volume, Mute, Mono, Pre/Post, Inserts, Sends
  • Control Outputs (Monitoring, CUE, HP): Volume, Mute, Mono, Dim, Alt, Source
  • Control Talkback
  • Synchronized feedback on your midi device with adjustable color
  • Save and load file Presets
  • Link Console Sessions with Presets and load them via midi commands

Pricing: 14 Day Trial, then 39€