Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will explain how I use the personal data collected from you when you use the website.

When you send a message via the contact form, the following data is being collected:

  • Your Email address - Required in order for me to reply
  • Your Name - Not required, you are free to fill in an alias or leave blank

This information will be stored in my contact email account, so it would be just as if you were sending an email to me.

The way I will use your information is to reply to your inquiries. I might also send you relevant updates or changes in the future about the products or services you have inquired about. There is no other way your information is being stored or used than described above.

The website doens’t use any cookies on its own, but some third-party embedded content might be using stricly necessary cookies in order to function (content such as Soundcloud, GoFundMe, Powr Reviews). I am actively checking and removing any kind of extra analyics or tracking cookies and requests these embedded elements may use. This might also be dependent on how you’ve configured your privacy settings on those websites separately (i.e. if you’ve allowed certain analytics on the Soundcloud website, they might also be used in the embedded Soundcloud element on my website).

In case of any requests about your data, please contact me via email or any of the social links below.